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           BE23 無溶劑型環氧厚膜復合涂料
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          產品名稱:OMELON BE23
          GENERAL BE23, is a 100% solids epoxy compound that , after mixing with silica, produces an excellent epoxy mortar. BE23, is ecologically and designed for application in Concrete or steel surfaces. The surfaces must be treated with a Suitable primer before application. BE23, is recommended in floors that must be resistant to Abrasion, impact, chemicals. When different coloured silica’s are Used, the floorings have an increased cosmetic effect.
          總述 BE23 是100% 固含量的環氧復合涂料,與二氧化硅攪拌后制成優異的環氧砂漿. BE23 用于混凝土或鋼表面的涂覆,在涂覆前,表面必須用合適的底漆處理. BE23推薦用于須耐磨、耐沖擊、耐化學藥品的各種地坪,當使用不同的顏色,會增加裝飾效果


          NO VOC’s

          Superior impact resistance.


          Good chemical resistance.

          Can be used in the food industry.

          Good cosmetic effect.









          RECOMMENDED USES FLOORS ON STEEL OR CONCRETE Industrial floorings. Anti-skid floorings. Food industry. Warehouses. Decks. Recovering of badly corroded (pitted) steel.
          推薦用途 鋼或混凝土上的地坪 工業地坪 抗滑地坪 食品工業 倉庫 甲板 修復嚴重點蝕的鋼板
          SPECIFICATION DATA 技 術 參 數
          Binder Type/Pigment Type Modified epoxy/Amine composite
          基料類型/顏料類型 改性環氧/復合胺
          Colors Transparent
          顏色 透明
          Finish Gloss
          表面 高光
          Mixing ratio 3.3(base) to 1(curing agent) by weight,3(base) to1(curing agent) by volume
          混合比率 重量比 3.3(基料):1(固化劑) 體積比 3(基料):1(固化劑)
          Curing agent CA14
          固化劑 CA14
          Specific gravity(mixture) 1.10±0.02Kg/ Lt
          比重 1.10±0.02公斤/升
          Solid by Volume 100%(theoretical)
          體積固體份 100%(理論值)
          Pot Life 12 minutes at 23℃(73.4℉)
          活性期 12分鐘,23℃(73.4℉)
          Flash point(Abel) Base: >100℃(>212℉);Curing agent: >100℃(>212℉)
          閃點 基料:>100℃; 固化劑:>100℃
          Theoretical covering capability Mortar: 1 part of EURO-steel BE23 mixture to 6 parts of silica(IN01)
          6.6Kg/ m2 at 3mm; 13.2Kg/m2 at 6mm. BE23 as a primer 0.22 Kg/m2 at 200 microns (8 mils).
          理論覆蓋能力 砂漿:1份BE23與6份硅(IN01)混合,3毫米膜厚6.6公斤/平方米,6毫米膜厚13.2公斤/平方米,. BE23作底漆:0.22公斤/平方米,200um厚
          Typical film thickness per coat Mortar:3mm to 6mm; Primer:200 microns (8mils)
          單層膜厚 厚漿:3-6毫米,底漆:200um
          Application method Trowel, spreader, squeegee, or other specific equipment for mortar application.
          施工方法 鏝刀、涂布器、橡膠輥子或其他厚漿涂覆專用設備
          Thinner Material: none -Cleaning: EURO-thinner TH03
          稀釋劑 材料:無;清洗:TH03
          VOC Does not contain. It is a 100% solids epoxy product.
          揮發性有機化合物 不含,為100%的固體環氧產品
          Drying time Surface dry: approx. 4 hours (at 23℃ (73.4℉) and 50% relative humidity)
          干燥時間 指干:4小時,在23°C和50%相對濕度下。
          Overcoating time Min:16 hours at 23℃ ;Max: 7 days.
          涂裝時間 最短:16小時(23°C),最長:7天。
          Recommended primers Dry concrete: EURO-steel BE23, EURO-pox I PE05 Wet concrete:EURO-floor ES302 clear; Steel: EURO-basic ES301
          推薦底漆 干混凝土:BE23,PE05;濕混凝土:ES302清漆;鋼:ES301
          Ambient temperature Min: >0℃(32℉)-Max: 40℃(104℉)
          環境溫度 最低:>0°C,最高:40°C
          Substrate temperature Min:0℃(32℉)- Max:40℃(104℉)
          底材溫度 最低:0°C,最高:40°C
          Storage and Shelf life
          The product should be kept in a cool well ventilated places protected from high temperatures. Container MUST BE kept tightly closed. Shelf life:1 year 產品保存于陰涼、通風良好的地方,避 免過高的溫度。 容器必須牢固密封。有效期:1年。
          APPLICATION GUIDE 施 工 指 導
          SURFACE PREPARATION BE23, as a primer, remove all the materials by mechanical methods, remove completely all the coatings previously applied. All surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dust, and other foreign matter before application. BE23, as a mortar, can be applied on concrete and steel treated with a suitable primer, all surfaces must be free of oil, grease, moisture, dust and other foreign matter before application.
          表面處理 BE23,作為底涂料,采用機械方法去除所有雜物和舊漆膜。涂裝前所有的表面必須沒有油脂、水汽和雜質。 BE23,做為砂漿,適用于涂有底漆的混凝土和鋼表面上,所有的表面涂裝前必須無油脂、水汽、塵土和雜質。
          APPLICATION BE23, as a primer can be applied with a roller. BE23, as a mortar, must be applied with a trowel, spreader, squeegee, or other specific equipment for mortar application. Care should be taken that uniform film thickness is obtained. The mortar must be sealed (Min. 24 hrs. after application) with the BE23. Ventilation It is very important for the safety of the applicator that good ventilation be provided to all portions of the area.
          施工 BE23,作為底漆可以輥涂。 BE23,作為砂漿必須用鏝子、涂布器或特殊的設備進行施工。注意得到正確均勻的膜厚。 涂裝后厚漿涂層必須用EURO-BE23進行封閉(厚漿涂裝最少24小時內封閉)。 通風 作業區的各個部位保持良好的通風對操作人員的安全是非常重要的。
          SAFETY WARNING: Avoid breathing vapors. Do not get in eyes on skin or clothing, Use ear ,eye and skin protective equipment. Use appropriate respirator. Wash skin thoroughly after use and water. Launder clothing before reuse. If not breathing gives artificial respiration, preferably mouth-to-mouth, and call physician. BURNS: Exothermic reaction causes product to heat which is normal. Be careful handling after mixing product. Use gloves. FIRST AID: In case of eye contact immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Wash skin contact area with soap.
          安全措施 警告:避免吸入汽霧。請勿觸及眼睛皮膚。要使用眼、耳、皮膚的防護用具,使用合適的面具。使用后用清水徹底的清洗皮膚。衣物再次使用前要洗滌。如果沒有呼吸要進行人工呼吸,最好嘴對嘴,并請醫生處理。 灼傷:放熱反應會使產品變熱,超出正常水平。在混合后要小心處理。使用手套。 急救:如果不慎接觸了眼睛,立即用清水沖洗至少15分鐘,并脫去污染的衣鞋,用肥皂清洗接觸后的皮膚。
          DISCLAMER This is not a specification and all information is given in good faith. Every values presented as Theoretical were calculated from the product formula If requested, Euronavy can inform any internal measurement method used to determinate any given value presented. Since conditions of use are beyond the manufacturers control information contained herein is without warranty, implied or otherwise, and final determination of the suitability of any information or material for the use contemplated is the sole responsibility of user. The product is intended for professional use only. In case of any doubt, contact your local agent.
          提請注意 此文件不是正式的技術文件,所列出的信息是可靠的。提供的每個數值都是作為理論數據從產品的配方中計算出來的。如果需要,Euronavy可以告知任何上述給出數據的內部常用測量確定方法。由于使用條件非生產商所能控制,這里的信息不作為擔保。產品僅限于專業人員使用。如有任何問題,請與當地E相關機構聯系。
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