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           EZ04 環氧富鋅底漆
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          產品名稱:OMELON EZ04

          GENERAL                     EURO-pox EZ04, is an excellent zinc rich epoxy

           總述                        primer suited foriron and steel protection.

                                       EURO-pox EZ04, is formulated from an

                                       epoxy/polyamide system.
                                       EZ04 是優異的環氧富鋅底涂料.適用于對鋼鐵的保護.

                                       EZ04 是由環氧和聚酰胺系列配制的.

          FEATURES                     Good flexibility.

          性能                         Excellent anticorrosive protection.

                                       Good application properties.




          RECOMMED                     STRUCTURSAL STEEL & EQUIPMENT

          應用                         Metallic structures, Storage tanks (exterior),

                                       Transportation industry.

                                       PIPE COATINGS

                                       Recommended for application, on Steel pipelines.


                                       金屬結構物,存儲的桶罐(外部) ,運輸工業



          Specification Data 


          Binder Type/Pigment Typ       Epoxy, polyamide/Zinc powder.

          漆料類型/顏料類型             環氧樹脂,聚酰胺/鋅粉

          Colors                            Grey

          顏色                              灰色

          Finish                            Mate

          表面                              啞光

          Mixing ratio                    9.26(base0 to 1(curing agent) by weight.

          混合比                          3.5(base) to 1 (curing agent )by volume

                                             重量比 9.26(基料):1(固化劑),


          Curing agent                            CA0602

          固化劑                                  CA0602

          Specific gravity (mixture)              2.01±0.07Kg/dm3

          比重                                    2.01±0.07公斤/立方分米

          Solids by Volune                        53% ( theoretical)

          固體的體積                              53%

          Pot Life                               4hours at 230C(73.40F)

          混合使用期                              4小時 (23°C)

          Flash point (Abel)             Base: 340C ( 930F); Curing Agent: 340C ( 930F ).

          閃點                                   基料:>34°C;固化劑:>34°C

          Theoretical covering capacity       10.6 Sq.m/Lt. (432 Sq.ft/US gal.)

                                                  at 50 microns DFT(2 mils).

          理論覆蓋率                          10 .6平方米/升,在50米膜厚下.

          Typical film thickness per coat         Wet; 94 microns ( 3.8 mils );

                                                  -Dry:50 microns (2 mils).

          單層膜厚                            濕膜: 94微米 干膜: 50微米 

          Application method               Conventional spray, airless spray:

                                              Tip :17/23thou. Outlet Press

          涂覆方法                            傳統噴涂,無氣噴涂

          Thinner                             Material:EURO-thinner TH03-Cleaning:

                                                EURO-thinner TH03

          稀釋劑                                材料:TH03,清潔劑:TH03.

          V.O.C                                 340grams/Lt.

          揮發性有機化合物                      >340g/Lt

          Drying time                       Surface dry :30minutes (at 230C( 73.40F)

                                             and 50% relative humidity).
          干燥時間                          表干:30分鐘。在23°C和50%相對濕度下.
          Overcoating time                  Min:16 hours at 230C ( 73.40F)

          重涂時間                           在23°C時,最小:16小時

          Recommended primers                       Not applicable.

          推薦的底漆                                 無

          Ambient temperature                Min:50C (41F ) –Max.:40C( 104F).

                                             Avoid applications with

          環境溫度                               relative humidity higher than 85%.

                                                 In case of ant doubt your local Euronavy agent.

                                                 最低: 5℃,最高溫度40℃。


          Substrate temperature             Min:40C(70F) above the Dew Point.

          基底的環境溫度                     最低: 4℃,高于露點溫度

          Packing                               Product is a two pack component,

                                                available in 5—20Lt,

          包裝                                  combined packs.

                                               雙組份復合包裝 , 包裝規格有5 -20升裝.

          Storage and Shelf life             The product must be stored in accordance

                                             with national regulations.

          儲存條件及有效期                    The product should be kept in a cool well

                                              ventilated places protected from high

                                              temperatures. Containers MUST BE kept

                                              tightly closed. Shelf life: 1 year


                                          避免過高的溫度.容器必須牢固密封. 有效期: 1年

          Application guide 


          SURFACE PREPARATION              EURO-pox EZ04, is designed for application

                                            directly to iron/steek

          表面處理                                 surfaces pre-treated by Blast cleaing to

                                                     Sa 2.5 okf the Swedish 

                                                     Standard SIS 055900.

                                                    All surfaces must be free of oil , grease, moisture

                                                    and other foreign matter prior to blasting.

                                                    Contact your local Euronavy agent,

                                                    for recommendations.

                                                EZ04, 設計用于在鋼鐵表面經噴砂預處理達到瑞典標準





          混合和稀釋                          EURO-pox EZ304 is a two pack product,

                                              which contains the proper 

                                              ratio of ingredients. The entire contents of

                                              each container must be mixed together, as

                                              supplied. Stir base first to obtain smooth

                                              homogenous condition not longer than 2 minutes.

                                             After obtaining a uniform base, add the curing agent

                                             slowly to the base under continuous stirring for 3

                                             minutes. Allowed another 1 or 2 minutes induction

                                             time before application. Thinning is not normally

                                             required or desired, and excessive thinning can

                                            adversely affect application and appearance properties.

                                             The use of a speed adjustable power mixer is

                                             recommended. Do not over agitate as this, will

                                             accelerate cure and lower life of product.

                                         EZ04, 是雙組份產品,每包裝中的各種成分有確定的比例。









          涂裝                            EURO-pox EZ304, can be applied by

                                          conventional spraying or 

                                          airless. When airless equipment is used,

                                          a Graco30:1 are recommended. A 0.17 to

                                          0.23 tip size will provide a good spray pattern.

                                          For optimum results, insure that the equipment

                                          and fluid lines are clean, free of water or solvents.

                                           Care should be taken that proper and uniform film

                                          thickness is obtained. The recommended spray

                                          angle is 40°/70°. For roller application, use a

                                           short nap new roller.

                                          EZ04, 可以采用傳統噴涂或無氣噴涂。當使用無氣設備時





          SAFETY                     WARNING: cause eye and skin irritation.

          安全措施                   The solvents may cause respiratory irritation 

                                      in sensitive individuals. May cause allergic skin

                                      reaction. Avoid breathing the solvents. Do not get

                                      in eyes on skin or clothing, ear eye and skin protective

                                      equipment. Use appropriate respirator, it is

                                      recommended to avoid potential respiratory irritation.

                                      Wash skin thoroughly after use and water. Call a

                                      physician. Launder clothing before reuse.. If not

                                      breathing gives artificial respiration, preferably

                                      mouth-to-mouth, and call physician.

                                      FIRST AID:In case of eye contact immediately flush

                                     with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes while

                                     removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Wash

                                     skin contact area with soap.

                                     In case of fire do not use water.













          提請注意                  This is not a specification and all information

                                     is given in good 

                                     faith. Every values presented as Theoretical

                                     were calculated from the product formula If

                                     requested, Euronavy can inform any internal

                                     measurement method used to determinate any

                                     given value presented. Since conditions of use

                                     are beyond the manufacturers control information

                                     contained herein is without warranty, implied or

                                     otherwise, and final determination of the suitability

                                     of any information or material for the use contemplated 

                                     is the sole responsibility of user. The product is intended

                                     for professional use only. In case of any doubt, contact

                                     your local Euronavy agent.







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