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           AT02 耐高溫硅基涂料
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          品名稱:OMELON AT02


          Binder Type/Pigment Type              Silicon pigmented with aluminum

          基料類型/顏料類型                            硅基樹脂/鋁粉顏料

          Colors                                                 Aluminium

          顏色                                                     鋁色                                                                                                      

          Finish                                                  Semi-gloss

          表面                                                    半光

          Specific gravity                                  1.06±0.02Kg/ Lt

          比重                                                    1.06±0.02公斤/

          Solid by Volume                                26%(theoretical)

          體積固體份                                         26%(理論值)

          Flash point(Abel)                               >23

          閃點                                                     >23

          Theoretical covering capability        3.0Sq.m/Lt.(530 q.ft/US gal.) at 20 microns DFT(0.8mils) DFT

          理論覆蓋能力                                      13.0平方米/升,20μm干膜厚度

          Typical film thickness per coat        Wet:77 micro(3.1mils); Dry:20 microns (0.8mils)

          單層膜厚                                             濕膜:77μm;干膜:20μm

           Thinner                                              Material: not required -Cleaning: EURO-thinner TH02

          稀釋劑                                                 材料:   ,清洗劑:TH02

          VOC                                                    >340grams/Lt

          揮發性有機化合物                             >340/

          Drying time                                        Surface dry: 30 minutes (at 23and 50% relative humidity)

          干燥時間                                             表干:30分鐘,23, 50%的相對濕度

          Overcoating time                               Min:16 hours at 23

          重涂時間                                             最低:16小時,23度

          Recommended primers                  Self

          推薦底漆                                             產品本身

          Ambient temperature                       Min:10- Max :50

                                                                       Relative humidity should not be higher than 85%

          環境溫度                                             最低:10度,最高:50度,相對濕度不大于85%

          Substrate temperature                     4above the Dew Point

          底材溫度                                              高于露點以上4

          Storage and Shelf life                       The product should be kept in a cool well ventilated places

                                                                        protected  from high temperatures. Containers MUST BE

                                                                        kept tightly closed.    Shelf life: 1 year.

          儲存及有效期                    產品保存于陰涼、通風良好的地方,避 免溫度過高。

           容器必須牢固密封。 有效期:1年。

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