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                      Product Center 產品中心


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                       PU14 脂肪族丙烯酸聚氨酯面漆
                      來源: 點擊數:723次 更新時間:2019-6-4 9:12:58
                      產品名稱:OMELON PU14
                      GENERAL PU14, is an excellent polyurethane finish, two pack product with good cosmetic properties. PU14, should be applied over an epoxy priming system to achieve an extremely tough and long lasting system.
                      總述 PU14 是一種優異的聚氨酯面漆,雙組份,有良好的裝飾性能。PU14 可以涂裝在環氧底漆系統上,達到極其堅韌和持久性。

                      Good chemical resistance..

                      Excellent abrasion resistance.

                      Good colour retention.





                      推薦用途 結構鋼和設備.
                      Binder Type/Pigment Type Polyurethane – Selected chemical and weather pigments .
                      基料類型/顏料類型 聚胺酯/耐化學和耐氣候顏料

                      PU14 00(white), PU1410(light grey), PU1460(red ox.), PU1499(black), or custom request.

                      顏色 PU1400白色,PU1410淺灰色,PU14560鐵紅,PU1499黑色,或根據用戶要求.
                      Finish Semi-g loss or High gloss.
                      表面 啞光或高光
                      Mixing ratio 6 (base) to 1 (curing agent) by weight
                      混合比率 按重量.6(基料):1(固化劑);
                      Curing agent CA44
                      固化劑 CA44
                      Specific gravity(Mixture) 1.1-1.3Kg/dm3
                      比重 1.1-1.3公斤/立方分米
                      Solid by Volume(White-PU1400) 58%(theoretical)
                      體積固體份 58%(理論上)
                      Pot Life 4 hours at 23℃(73.4 ℉)
                      活性期 23時,4小時.
                      Flash point(Abel) Base: > 23℃(>73℉); Curing agent: >23℃(>100℉).
                      閃點 基料:>23℃; 固化劑: >23℃
                      Theoretical covering capability 11Sq.m/kg (based on deep color paint at 40 microns DFT)
                      理論覆蓋能力 11平方米/公斤 (以深色漆40微米干膜厚度計算).
                      Typical film thickness per coat Dry: 50 microns .
                      每層膜厚 干膜:30-50微米
                      Application method

                      Airless spray or comventional spay (recommended); brush or

                      roller (suitable, but apply with short fur roller or soft brush)

                      施工方法 推薦無氣噴涂或傳統噴涂,刷涂或輥涂使用,但建議使用短毛輥和軟毛刷
                      Thinner Material: EURO-thinner TH10 – Cleaning: EURO-thinner TH10.
                      稀釋劑 材料:TH10,清洗:TH10.
                      VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) > 340 gram/Lt. (Theoretical).
                      揮發性有機化合物 > 340克/升 (理論上)
                      Drying time

                      Surface dry: approx. 1 hour at 23℃(73.4℉)and 50% relative


                      干燥時間 指干:23℃(73.4℉)50%的相對濕度,0.5小時
                      Overcoating time Min: 16 hours,Max:2 days, at 23℃(73.4 ℉)
                      涂裝時間 23°C條件下,最小16小時,最大2天
                      Recommended primers EURO-basic ES301, EURO-etch primer WP01, EURO-pox M
                      推薦底漆 PE16,etc. ES301, WP01, PE16等
                      Ambient temperature

                      Min: 5℃(41℉) - Max:50℃(122℉). Avoid applications with relative環境溫度 humidity higher than 85%. In case of any doubt, contact your locay

                      Euronavy agent.

                      常溫 最小:5℃ 最大:122℃.避免在相對濕度高于85%下涂覆,有問題,與你當地的euronavy代理商聯系.
                      Substrate temperature Min:4℃(7℉) above the Dew Point.
                      底材溫度 最小:露點以上4℃.
                      Packing Product is a two pack component, available in 21 kg, combined packs.
                      包裝 雙組份包裝 ,21公斤.
                      Storage and Shelf life The product must be stored in accordance with

                      national regulations. The product should bekept in a cool

                      well ventilated places protected from high temperatures.

                      Container MUST BE kept tightly closed.

                      Shelf life:1 year

                      包裝和儲存期限 產品儲存必須遵守國家規章。應保存于陰涼、通風良好的地方,避


                      Approvals Laboratory
                      認可 實驗室
                      SURFACE PREPARATION

                      PU14,is designed for application over surfaces free

                      of grease, dry spray, dust, moisture and other foreign matters.

                      Contact your local Euronavy agent, for recommendations.

                      表面處理 PU14,設計用于沒有油脂、缺釉、塵土、水汽和其它雜質的表面上涂裝,而且要有相容的底涂料的涂裝表面上涂覆。


                      MIXING AND THINNING]

                      PU14,is a two pack product, which contains the

                      proper ratio of ingredients. The entire contents of each container

                      must be mixed together, as supplied. Stir base first to obtain smooth homogenous condition not longer than 2 minutes. After obtaining a uniform base, add the curing agent slowly to the base under continuous stirring for 3 minutes. Thinning is not normally required, however small amounts (5% or less) of solvent. (see specification data), may be added depending on local VOC and air quality regulations. The use of a speed adjustable power mixer is recommended .Do not over agitate as this, will accelerate cure and lower life of product.

                      Higher temperature will reduce pot life ot the mixture. Lower temperatures will increase it.

                      混合和稀釋 PU14,是雙組份產品,每一包裝產品的組分是有確定的比例,供貨時要攪拌混合在一起。首先把基料攪拌到光滑均勻的狀態,攪拌時間不超過2分鐘,之后把固化劑徐徐加到基料中再連續攪拌3分鐘。一般不要求稀釋,過多的稀釋對涂覆和外觀特性有不良的影響。但是,在很低的溫度下,少量(5%或更少)的溶劑可以加入(參見技術文件數據),這取決于當地揮發性有機化合物和空氣質量控制的規定。少量的EURO-TH10對刷涂有改善作用。推薦使用速度可調的電動攪拌機。不要過份的攪拌,否則加速固化并降低產品的壽命。



                      PU14, can be applied by conventional spray, airless



                      It is very important for the safety of the applicator and the proper performance of EURO-thane 3 PU14, that good ventilation be provided to all protions of the enclosed area. Dry air IS a must since EURO-thane 3 PU14, CAN NOT be applied with humidity over 85%.







                      WARING: Cause eye and skin irritation. The solvents may cause

                      respiratory irritatio in sensitive individuals. May cause allergic skin reaction. Avoid breating the solvents. Do not get in eyes on skin or clothing. ear eye and skin protective equipment. Use appropriate respirator, it is recommended to avoid potential respiratory irritation. Wash skin thoroughly after use and water. Call a physician. Launder clothing before reuse. If not breathing give artificial respiration, preferably mouth-to-mouth, and call physician.

                      FIRST AID: In case of eye contact immediately flush with pelenty of

                      water for at least 15 minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Wash skin contact area with soap.






                      This is not a specification and all information is given in good

                      faith. Every values presented as Theoretical were calculated from the product formula, unless otherwise mentioned, and can deviate from laboratory measurements using standard methods that may be not applicable, giving the nature of the products. If requested, Euronavy can inform and internal measurement method used to determinate any given value presented. This Technical Data Sheet content can be changed without previous notice. Since conditions of use are beyond the manufacturers control information contained herein is without warranty, implied or otherwise, and final determination of the suitability of any information or material for the use contemplated, the matter of use and whether there is any infringement of patents is the sole responsibility of user. The product is intended for professional use only. Manufacturer does not assume any liability in connection with the use of the product relative to coverage, performance or injury. For application in special conditions please consult Euronavy for detailed recommendations.

                      提請注意 這不是技術文件,而給出的信息是可靠的。所列的每個值作為理論數都是從產品的配方中計算出來的,除非別處提到,并且偏離試驗室測量使用標準方法和給出的產品性能,那將是不適用的。如果需要,euronavy可以告知任何上述給出值的通常確定的內部測量方法。這個技術數據表的內容在沒有以前的注意事項時可以改變。由于使用的條件超出了制造廠所控制的范圍,這里所包含的信息就不能成為根據,另外,最終決定要使用的某種信息或資料的適用性,如使用的方式,是否侵權,這都由用戶自己負責。產品只是用于專業使用。制造廠對產品使用有關的覆蓋率、性能或傷害不承擔任任何責任。如果在特殊條件下施工請向生產廠咨詢詳細的施工建議。
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